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Domestic Violence Report

ISSN 1086-1270, Online ISSN:

Volume 22,  Number 06, August/September 2017.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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A Mother Vindicated: Landmark Cyberstalking Case  
pp.69-72 (4)
Authors:  Jaime McCall, J.D..; Shawn A. Weede, J.D..

Cyber Exploitation and Perpetration of Digital Abuse  
pp.91-94 (4)
Authors:  Christina M. Gagnier.

Creating a New Coordinated Anti-Stalking Initiative  
pp.93-95 (3)
Authors:  Elizabeth Danki.

Stalking Infiltrating the Workplace  
pp.99-102 (4)
Authors:  Pam Paziotopoulos.

Stalking Case Summaries: Orders of Protection  
pp.101-101 (1)
Authors:  Annie L. Perry.

Complete Issue  
pp.89-112 (24)
Authors:  D.Kelly Weisberg.

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