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Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

ISSN 1941-7462, Online ISSN: 2157-0078

Volume 03,  Number 03, Winter 2011.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Prevalence and Correlates of Physical Assault on Dating Partners  
pp.197-216 (20)
Authors:  Edward Ko-Ling  Chan, Ph.D..; Murray A.  Straus, Ph.D..

New Study on Domestic Violence in the Workplace  
pp.217-224 (8)
Authors:  Joan  Zorza, J.D..

New Help for Immigrant Victims of Sexual Assault  
pp.237-244 (8)
Authors:  Natalie  Nanasi, J.D..; Rena  Cutlip-Mason, J.D..

Justice for Child Victims of Incest  
pp.245-258 (14)
Authors:  Michael  Lesher, J.D..

Financial Repercussions of Domestic Violence  
pp.259-264 (6)
Authors:  Anne L.  Perry, J.D.

Child Sexual Abuse Tort Statute of Limitations  
pp.265-270 (6)
Authors:  Anne L. Perry, J.D..

How New Technologies Are Changing Domestic Violence  
pp.271-284 (14)
Authors:  Nancy K. D.  Lemon, J.D..

The Case for Clear and Convincing Evidence: Do Our Laws Value Property Over Children  
pp.285-288 (4)
Authors:  Tricia P.  Martland, J.D..

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