A new master reference on behavior, assessment, therapies, and programs for youth exhibiting problem sexual behaviors …

Sexually Abusive Behavior in Youth
A Handbook of Theory, Assessment and Treatment

Editor: Barbara K. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Provides clinicians and justice system professionals with unrivaled technical and strategic assistance in treating and managing youth who offend sexually:

  • Comprehensive review of major clinical theories, typologies, characteristics, and behaviors.
  • Complete diagnostic profiles for boys and girls, child and adolescent.
  • Tested techniques for evaluating behavioral problems and establishing treatment strategies.
  • Comprehensive approaches to planning and implementing offender programs in both institutional settings and the community.
  • Programs for preventing recidivism and protecting the community.

Sexually Abusive Behavior in Youth brings together material from the acclaimed eight-volume The Sex Offender series focused on the science, assessment, and treatment of children and adolescents with sexually problematic conduct. Each chapter was selected and reviewed by Dr. Schwartz, submitted to its original authors for revision and updating, expanded with the addition of all-new material, and assembled here to provide a single, authoritative handbook for practitioners who work with young people. Its thirty-five chapters provide authoritative treatments of theory, assessment methods and instruments, and treatment approaches for practitioners working in community settings as well as residential programs. It brings readers the very best material from a landmark series, recognized as the essential cornerstone of any institutional or large practice library, focused on helping young people seeking to overcome problem sexual behaviors. 

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