Interventions for Children With Sexual Behavior Problems 
Research, Theory, and Treatment

By Ryan K. Grant, LCSW and Lesley H. Lundeberg, LCSW

Tested and proven effective in clinical practice, this manual is designed especially for professionals who work with young children exhibiting sexual behavior problems.  Here are insights and intervention strategies you can put to use now with your most challenging cases … 

  • Accurately identify normative vs. problem sexual behavior in children
  • Recognize sexual behavior typologies common in latency age children
  • Structure an integrated treatment regime, from initial assessment through developing treatment goals and choosing and applying appropriate interventions
  • Inform your practice with ready-to-use activity materials, therapist/child dialogues, model treatment sessions

Discover what current research is telling us about the development of sexual behaviors in children …

Latency age children differ from adolescents and adults—and approaches that work with older individuals can do more harm than good when applied to children.  Interventions for Children With Sexual Behavior Problems reviews new research on childhood sexual development and what it tells us about children who exhibit problem sexual behaviors. You’ll get a comprehensive checklist of factors to consider when assessing whether a child’s behaviors are problematic or abusive and require treatment, how to determine whether and when treatment is needed, and how to tailor a treatment approach to a young child’s behavior typology, its place in the developmental continuum, and to specific family and social environments.

… how to effectively assess and treat problem behaviors …

Interventions for Children With Sexual Behavior Problems offers practice-tested guidance on how to initiate and structure the treatment process, how to conduct an intake psychosocial assessment and develop treatment goals, when and how to provide concurrent treatment modalities, and how to manage resistance to treatment and other issues that arise when working with children and their families. 

… and the specific methods and activities that work best with children.

You’ll benefit from the experience of successful treatment programs to structure an integrated program designed to help and heal child and family.  A full array of activities help foster key life skills including safety planning, relationship skills, emotional expressive skills and empathy, cognitive coping, and self-regulation.  The book and accompanying CD explain the function, application, and limitations of each activity, then give you step-by-step implementation instructions—including sample therapist-child dialogues. 

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