Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for
At-Risk Youth

Barry Glick, Ph.D., NCC, ACS, LMHC

“This book arrives at just the right time—when rehabilitation is enjoying a revival because of  contemporary research on the efficacy of interventions that deal with youths’ thinking errors and that provide cognitive restructuring as well as identifying skill deficits and teaching social skills. It introduces the reader to specific interventions, such as Aggression Replacement Training and Thinking for a Change, that have operated in many successful juvenile correctional programs throughout the country.  This book is essential for treatment programs that are serous about changing delinquent youths’ behavior.”
Ned Loughran, Executive Director, The Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators

“There is no need for programs to struggle for success.  The answers and evidence to succeed are found here.”
Peter Kinziger, Executive Director, American Association of Community Justice Professionals

Bringing together the work of leading practitioners and theorists, this hands-on guide is designed to help you find the best programs targeted to the youth populations you serve, and provides hands-on detail on how model programs work and how to apply them.

  • Which programs are truly “evidence-based” and how to implement them to achieve positive outcomes
  • Choose the right intervention for the populations you serve—whether court-involved juveniles or at-risk youth in the community
  • Solve the common problems that arise when trying to establish a new program
  • Learn the keys to running effective group sessions that stay focused and productive
  • Manage administrative details more effectively—from budgets to quality control
  • Take advantage of user-friendly research and evaluation tools, including a model for assessing program efficacy
  • See how model programs actually work in the field.

Barry Glick, Ph.D., NCC, ACS, LMHC, is a consultant to juvenile and adult human services and correctional systems across the nation and concurrently serves as senior editor of Managing Delinquency Programs that Work. Trained as a Counseling Psychologist, Dr. Glick has devoted his professional career to the development of policies, programs, and services for adolescents. His specialization is in juvenile delinquency, aggression and violence, youth gangs, and the emotionally disturbed adolescent. He has worked both for state government and in private childcare agencies, holding positions as child care worker, psychologist, administrator, manager, and agency executive. He is lead author of No Time to Play: Youthful Offenders in Adult Systems, and its sequel implementation manual, Recess Is Over: A Handbook for Managing Youthful Offenders in Adult Systems. He co-developed and is co-author of Aggression Replacement Training®: A Comprehensive Intervention for Aggressive Adolescents; and The Pro-Social Gang. Dr. Glick is a member emeritus of the National Gangs Advisory Committee, and is a Nationally Certified Counselor and a licensed Mental Health Counselor.

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