Home-Based Services for High-Risk Youth
Assessment, Wraparound Planning, and Service Delivery
By Stacey M. Cornett, MSW, LCSW, IMH-E®(IV)

Home-based wraparound services work.  This important new book shows how.

  • How to make the family a full partner in your work with children and use the power and strength of the family to achieve healthy outcomes
  • How to assess the emotional needs of youth throughout each key developmental stage of childhood and adolescence, tailor home- and community-based services, and fine-tune service planning for each client
  • How to hire, train, motivate, and reward staff while reducing turnover and burnout

Plus, you'll get sample checklists, forms, and worksheets for hiring and staff development, client assessment, and individual service plan development.

Across the country there is a move to work with high-risk youth at home and within their communities. Home-based wraparound services can be exceptionally effectivebut they also take careful planning and the proper strategic focus and coordination of services. Written in a refreshingly clear, jargon-free style and packed with insights from the author’s experience in the field, Home-Based Services for High-Risk Youth helps you:
  • Deliver home-based services in a manner that is family-driven/youth-guided, culturally sensitive, strengths-based, comprehensive, and community based.
  • Apply strategies that engage families and youth as full partners in all phases of service delivery.
  • Prepare a crisis plan for each intervention.
  • Establish an effective structure for the assessment process of youth and families.
  • Interpret the clinical relevance of observations in the caregiver/child relationship.
  • Understand the unique ways in which youth at various stages of development manifest mental health concerns, and tailor interventions accordingly.
  • Coordinate the activities of direct support workers in the field in concert with the wraparound process.
  • Develop effective hiring and supervisory strategies that will reduce the likelihood of staff burnout and high turnover.

Stacey Cornett is a smart, experienced, passionate professional who is also down to earth and quite practical. She is a no-nonsense clinician and administrator who has maintained both her integrity and sense of humor. These traits shine through the pages of this text making it a very accessible reading experience.”
John S. Lyons, Ph.D., Endowed Chair of Child & Youth Mental Health, University of Ottawa Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

“Infused with a respect and optimism for [families’] power to build decent and thriving lives for themselves. The material on supervision is critical to successful implementation and is rarely addressed in books like this. I just think this is an excellent resource and an exceptionally good book.
—Charles A. Rapp, Ph.D.. Professor Emeritus. The University of Kansas School of Social Welfare

“For years we have known that maintaining children and youth with serious emotional and behavioral challenges in their communities requires availability of home-based practitioners who can respond skillfully and flexibly to meet their needs. Unfortunately, the practice model for these home-based services has been less well-defined, as have guidelines for recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising the exceptional people who will provide this critical service. Home-Based Services for High-Risk Youth: Assessment, Wraparound Planning, and Service Delivery fills these gaps with enthusiasm and comprehensiveness.”
Eric J. Bruns, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Co-Director, National Wraparound Initiative, University of Washington

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