The new master reference on behavior, assessment, therapies, and programs …

Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment
Editor:  Barbara K. Schwartz

Provides clinicians and justice system professionals with unrivaled technical and strategic assistance in treating and managing sex offenders:

  • Comprehensive review of major clinical theories, typologies, characteristics, and behaviors.
  • Complete diagnostic profiles for adult and juvenile, male and female offenders.
  • Tested techniques for evaluating sex offenders and establishing treatment strategies.
  • Evidence-based interventions and applications. 
  • Comprehensive approaches to planning and implementing offender programs in both institutional settings and the community.
  • Programs for preventing recidivism and protecting the community.

In 70 chapters contributed by more than 75 authorities, Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment is the most complete, authoritative, and useful resource for professionals who treat sex offenders or manage offender programs.  Its more than 1,300 pages offer users an unrivaled source of facts, techniques, strategies, and guidance from an author team that includes virtually all of the thought leaders in the field. 

Turn to this authoritative reference for expert assistance on:

  • Understanding why sex offenders offendHandbook of Sex Offender Treatment surveys the widely accepted theoretical frameworks for understanding deviant sexual behavior in chapters written by many of the major theoretical pioneers themselves.
  • Evaluating sex offenders and determining the best treatment strategies.  Not all sex offenders exhibit the same behaviors or pose the same danger to society—and no one treatment approach works for every offender.  Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment provides detailed diagnostic profiles of a wide range of offenders and presents an integrative model that lets you draw on a variety of tested techniques for assessing offenders—male and female, adult and juvenile—and planning the appropriate treatment in correctional, clinical, or community settings.
  • Choosing and applying specific treatment methods and techniques for positive results.  Only Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment brings together in one reference the full range of therapeutic and clinical tools available today, from psychopharmacological to experiential and group approaches.  Here are proven methods for clinical assessment, guidelines for applying the full range of treatment modalities in use today, behavioral techniques for altering arousal, and pharmacological approaches. 
  • Making sex offender programs work in institutional settings and in the community.  You'll find a comprehensive set of tools and strategies for planning and implementing offender programs ... specific techniques for assessing and placing incarcerated offenders ... and tools for measuring the effectiveness of programs in meeting the demands of policy makers and the public.
  • Preventing recidivism and protecting the community.  Chapters cover all aspects of aftercare, including approaches for preventing relapses, planning and operating safe, effective community aftercare programs, and using innovative therapies designed to restore the offender's link with society.

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