Sex Offender Law Report
Editor: Roslyn Myers, Ph.D., J.D.

Analyzing important legal developments for those representing, prosecuting, overseeing, monitoring, and treating sex offenders and aiding their victims.

From offender notification and registration laws to sexually violent predator commitment statutes to civil liability suits against accused sex offenders, the law concerning improper and illegal sexual behavior continues to evolve.  Sex Offender Law Report reviews and analyzes key developments in the laws relating to sex offenders and illegal sexual behavior. SLR sorts through and explains these legal developments, including new federal and state legislation and significant court cases that affect your work, whether you clinically treat sex offenders or manage offender programs, serve the courts as an expert, prosecute or defend sex offense cases, or advocate for victims of sex crimes.

  • How does the Adam Walsh Act change the law regarding management and supervision of sex offenders?
  • How have civil sexual predator statutes changed criminal plea bargain options? Offender participation in treatment? Management of treatment programs?
  • How can you take full advantage of developments in the collection and use of DNA evidence?
  • How can attorneys and forensic professionals work together to present credible and effective testimony at trials and sentencing hearings?
  • What privacy protections must be afforded to sex crime victims’ counseling records when presenting evidence in the courtroom?
  • How does a change of residence affect a sex offender’s registration and community notification requirements?
  • What are the best strategies for trying a rape case when the defendant is a juvenile?
  • What legal and operational issues have emerged as the federal, state, and tribal jurisdictions have tried to meet new federal requirements?
  • How have policymakers, law enforcement, community correctional agencies, and the courts responded to the growing problem of homeless and transient sex offenders?

You’ll find the answers in SLR.

Benefit from coverage of…

Important Court Cases—Every issue brings you insightful coverage of important and noteworthy cases from state and federal courts—including expert commentary on how these cases impact your work.

Constitutional Issues on the Federal and State Levels, Legislation and RegulationsSLR tracks and reviews state and federal constitutional, statutory and regulatory developments, and provides explanations, commentary and discussions of the practical ramifications of such developments.

Treatment Issues—Eminent treatment professionals working with sex offender populations discuss issues of particular interest to those in the treatment and counseling communities who interact with the legal and criminal justice systems—expert witness testimony, the provision of written evaluations and risk assessments, participation in restorative justice programs, the proper handling of malpractice threats, and more.

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