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Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

ISSN 1941-7462, Online ISSN: 2157-0078

Volume 05,  Number 03, Winter 2013.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Urgent Need for Quality Control in Child Custody Psychological Evaluations  
pp.199-223 (25)
Authors:  Robin  Yeamans, J.D..

Applying Trauma-Informed Practices to Our Work  
pp.225-234 (10)
Authors:  Loree  Cook-Daniels, M.S..

Women Who Use Violence  
pp.235-238 (4)
Authors:  Lois Galgay  Reckitt.

How Family and Friends Can Support an Abused Woman  
pp.239-246 (8)
Authors:  Elaine  Weiss, Ed.D..

Children and Stalking  
pp.247-270 (24)
Authors:  Mary P.  Brewster, Ph.D..

Suggestions From the Child Custody Roundtable  
pp.273-287 (15)
Authors:  Joan Zorza, J.D..

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