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Municipal Finance Journal

ISSN 0199-6134, Online ISSN: 1933-9321

Volume 22,  Number 04, Winter 2001.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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National Federation of Municipal Analysts 2001 Conference Keynote  
pp.1-11 (11)
Authors:  Brian  Krolicki.

The Future of the Gaming Industry  
pp.12-29 (18)
Authors:  Amy  Doppelt.

Tax Opinions and Tax Covenants  
pp.33-53 (21)
Authors:  Alan  Polsky.

What is the Future of Online Trading?  
pp.54-68 (15)
Authors:  William  Hogan.

Developments in the High-Yield Municipal Bond Market  
pp.69-85 (17)
Authors:  Paul J.  Flynn.

Complete Issue  
pp.1-85 (85)
Authors:  W. Bartley  Hildreth.

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