Intimate Partner Violence
Editors: Kathleen A. Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D. and Sarah M. Giacomoni, B.A.

What research is telling us about the nature, causes, and impact of IPV … and how to put this knowledge to work aiding victims and families

“… state-of-the-art theoretical and empirical perspectives on intimate partner violence …”
— Ileana Arias, Ph.D., Violence Prevention Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Knowledge in the field of intimate partner violence is increasing at a dramatic rate—creating tremendous opportunities for repairing lives and families damaged by abuse.

This master reference synthesizes research on intimate partner violence and provides specific, evidence-supported ideas you can put into active practice protecting those at risk

  • Practice-proven approaches to risk assessment, risk management, and safety planning
  • Specific steps primary care health professionals can take to identify IPV—and to empower and protect survivors
  • A spotlight on how the criminal justice system works to help and support victims—and where it must do more
  • Innovative new approaches the military is taking to prevent IPV in service families
  • Guidance on the ethnic/cultural issues that impact IPV, and how they should shape our approaches to survivors from African- American, Hispanic, and Asian communities
  • Field-tested prevention programs for high school- and college-age students
  • Policies and practices child protection agencies can institute when dealing with IPV in clients’ homes
  • The safest ways to help victims leave abusive relationships

“This resource meets the robust challenge our field now presents.  It successfully synthesizes the breadth and complexity of research on intimate partner violence while allowing for disparate views and approaches, and it directs itself toward issues most pressing in today’s practice environment where advances discovered in research must be brought to life.  Its comprehensive review also contributes by laying a sound empirical footing on which the future evolution of the study of intimate partner violence can take shape.”
—Carol E. Jordan, Director, Center for Research on Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky

Intimate Partner Violence is a comprehensive review of research and practice in the field of domestic violence. The editors did a great job bringing together a diverse group of national and international experts, including researchers, practitioners, academics, criminal justice workers, military personnel, public health and community advocates. The book includes practical and helpful recommendations on how to work with intimate partner violence (IPV) cases in the clinical, social and legal arenas, as well as culturally relevant observations that are specific to the work with underserved and underprivileged populations.

“Most of the book chapters highlight the fact that IPV is a heterogeneous problem that involves multiple variables. It provides a much needed ecological approach to understand the multiple correlates underlying violence that are key to making accurate assessments, and providing helpful interventions to victims. The book also underscores the importance of reviewing and rewriting outdated information on domestic violence if we are to help the population affected by IPV.”
—Sandra Mattar, Psy.D., Associate Professor, John F. Kennedy University, Graduate School of Professional Psychology

“It is not in the least surprising that this volume emerged from papers presented at the International Family Violence Research Conference, the premiere meeting of researchers and thinkers in the field of intimate partner violence; this book lives up to the stellar reputation of the conference from which it evolved. Project editors Kathleen Kendall-Tackett and Sarah Giacomoni and the contributors to this compilation have succeeded admirably in accomplishing the extremely ambitious goal laid out by Kendall-Tackett in the preface: to ‘represent the state of the art in intimate partner violence research.’ The work is truly awe-inspiring for its size, scope, depth, organization, clarity and above all, quality.”
—Steven N. Gold, Ph.D., Professor, Center for Psychological Studies and Director, Trauma Resolution & Integration Program, Nova Southeastern University

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