Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly
The Journal of Advocacy, Programming, Research, and Law
Editor: Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D.

A journal devoted to bringing professionals in the field a practical focus on the best new ideas for preventing, prosecuting, and treating family and intimate partner abuse…

Now benefit from the best thinking in the field, with the professional journal devoted exclusively to practical research results, innovative programs, and important legal developments in family and intimate partner violence treatment and prevention ...

Knowledge in the field of family and intimate partner violence is increasing at a dramatic rate—creating tremendous opportunities for repairing lives and families damaged by abuse.

Each issue of Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly (FIPV) summarizes important research on violence, abuse, and maltreatment with a focus on specific strategies for bringing healing and justice to the lives of victims. Articles examine approaches to understanding and dealing with traditionally recognized forms of maltreatment such as domestic violence and child abuse, as well as Internet crimes and teen dating violence. FIPV offers a much-needed life-span view, from childhood victimization through elder abuse, and thoughtful analyses of intervention and prevention efforts for each population.

  • Effective risk assessment tools to inform decisions about the level of danger posed by an abusive partner
  • How to recognize the specific risk factors for fatal abuse—and how to use lethality assessment as a basis of safety planning
  • Culturally specific issues that can work to perpetuate violence—or help to
    reduce risk
  • How medical and legal professionals have refined and improved their ability to identify and protect abuse survivors
  • How abuse and maltreatment affect children—how violence harms healthy development, how it can perpetuate itself from generation to generation, and how to stop the cycle of violence through interventions proven to work
  • Ways to help survivors leave abusive relationships

FIPV focuses on practical solutions to preventing abuse and prosecuting it when it occurs, featuring the approaches now being tested and proved by the country’s leading researchers and advocates. We’ll look at how to safely protect child and adult victims with proven social service, health care, and criminal justice system interventions—and how professionals from different fields can best work together to improve the lives of victims and families.

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