Hopeful Paths
Facilitator's Guide
Barbara K. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Henry R. Cellini, Ph.D.

The Facilitator's Guide is designed to help clinicians conduct successful individual and group sessions using the concepts, discussion ideas, and interactive, self-guided exercises presented in Hopeful Paths.

The Guide includes lesson plans for every chapter in Hopeful Paths. It is also packed with useful hints and reminders based on the authors' seventy combined years of clinical experience and, specifically, their experience leading groups using the Integrative Model and cognitive behavioral methods.

Clinicians will find helpful ideas for:

  • Helping "isolated" participants joing the discussion.
  • Identify with a group physically and psychologically.
  • Indicate an acceptance of feelings expressed within the group by making participants feel sale with their feelings and private thoughts.
  • Encourage a pattern of understanding and protect group stability, especially when arguments arise.
  • Increase participation and motivation using psycho-educational methods.
  • Reinforce a hopeful attitude about embracing change.
The Facilitator's Guide is free when you purchase 20 or more copies of Hopeful Paths.  See HP quantity discount schedule for pricing.

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Table of Contents (PDF)
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