Facing the Shadow
A Guided Workbook for Understanding and Controlling Sexual Deviance
Editor: Barbara K. Schwartz, Ph.D. and Gregory M.S. Canfield, MSW

Designed for comprehensive sex offender programs that use psychoeducational materials to complement other treatment modalities, Facing the Shadow is a self-guided workbook for first-level sex offender treatment, introducing offenders to the basic purposes and principles of treatment and laying a foundation that lets them get the most benefit from more advanced work with a therapist or group.

Facing the Shadow helps offenders who have not yet entered treatment to prepare for the experience, enables new members of treatment groups to quickly catch up with concepts already familiar to existing members, and is an excellent screening tool for identifying offenders most likely to respond to treatment.

This comprehensive self-guided program for sex offender treatment offers:

  • An integrative approach that supports a range of treatment modalities including behavioral, cognitive, addiction, psychodynamic and relapse prevention.
  • Highly interactive format gets patients actively involved in their own treatment.
  • Accessible reading level—ideal for low-literacy and special needs offenders, adults and juveniles.
  • Tested, refined and proved effective with thousands of offenders.
  • Time- and cost-saving way to prepare offenders for group or intensive therapy, or supplement treatment.
  • Free lesson plans with quantity purchases
  • Special savings when you order multiple copies.

“While working in correctional settings, I was frequently asked by offenders in protective isolation and disciplinary segregation for treatment materials they could use until they were able to join the regular treatment groups. Facing the Shadow would be a very helpful resource for such a population, and also could be given to those offenders who are curious about treatment but who are not quite ready to participate in the program. The reading level is fairly simple, and therefore unlikely to cause frustration for low-functioning offenders; however, the book still manages to touch on many important treatment areas. What I particularly like about the book is its emphasis on combining spirituality with treatment. This is an area which is sometimes neglected by sex offender programs, but appears crucial to an offender’s recovery. Facing the Shadow is a welcome addition.”
— Anita Schlank, PhD, author of The Sexual Predator

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