Correctional Health Care Report
 Now including Correctional Mental Health Report

Correctional Health Care Report (CHC) is the quarterly professional report that brings together the best ideas and practices from the nation’s foremost correctional health care experts on all aspects of delivering health and mental health care to inmates. 

Now including coverage of mental health issues with its merger with Correctional Mental Health Report, each issue focuses on helping you solve the real-world problems you face treating patients, coping with unusual medical, psychological or psychiatric problems, ensuring the security of your operation and safety of your staff, administering programs and budgets, and complying with the law.  Subscribers now enjoy access to both the Correctional Health Care Report online archive and the Correctional Mental Health Report archive of previously published issues.

You’ll find practical answers to the unique questions that arise in the medical and mental health care of prison and jail inmates ...

  • What can a physician or nurse tell corrections officials about an inmate without violating patient confidentiality? What kinds of facts can never be divulged?
  • How much care is an inmate entitled to?
  • What chronic disease management programs work best for the average facility?
  • What are the most efficient ways of monitoring medication?
  • What cost-savings can usually be achieved without sacrificing services?
  • What should an initial intake examination consist of?
  • How can you reduce the number of high-security-risk outside inmate trips to consultants and what essential precautions must you take every time an inmate is taken outside the facility for treatment?
  • How can you flush out the malingerer who’s trying to work the system and what are the tried and true ways of discouraging him?
  • How can you “inmate-proof” your examination room? Medical equipment? Pharmaceutical and instrument supplies?
  • What is the current standard of care for using antiretroviral agents in a correctional facility?
  • How can you best address the special health problems of an aging inmate population?
  • How can you reduce inmate lawsuits or effectively reduce the likelihood they will be successful?

Turn to CHC for proven solutions and “best practices” for a correctional health care program that delivers quality care in a safe, secure, and efficient way.

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