Managing Special Populations in Jails and Prisons
Editor: Stan Stojkovic, Ph.D.

“The 30 scholars, practitioners and professional experts, and the editor who put it all together, deserve gratitude from the nation’s correctional administrators.  It should be read and reread for maximum benefit.”
—Ken Kerle, Ph.D., Managing Editor, American Jail

A comprehensive handbook of ‘best practices’ for correctional administrators and staff professionals …

Now in one convenient, authoritative resource—leading experts and practitioners help you meet the administrative, legal, clinical, security and staff training challenges posed by today’s inmate populations ...

  • How to develop workable policies and procedures for correctional management of special populations—and the different approaches that work for jails vs. prisons
  • Clinical and administrative issues when dealing with emergent and chronic health problems of inmates—from hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS to hypertension and heart disease, diabetes and epilepsy
  • Effective clinical and operational approaches for inmates with mental disorders—schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, dual diagnoses
  • How to recognize manipulative inmates—and how to deal with them
  • “Must-address” situational and medical problems of transgendered inmates in correctional institutions
  • Programming for sex offenders
  • The best strategies for controlling gang activity within prisons
  • Special administrative burdens and concerns created by an aging inmate population
  • Dealing with special-status inmates—managing SHU and death row environments
  • How to program for juveniles held in adult institutions
  • Why you need gender-specific and trauma-informed programming for female inmates
  • Effective approaches to working with adolescent female offenders
  • Training parameters for line staff
  • Meeting legal requirements when caring for special inmate populations—and avoiding institutional and personal liability
  • The special concerns that must be addressed if your institution houses terrorists
  • Critical issues that must be covered in reentry planning, including how to arrange effective interagency partnerships and collaborations 

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