Correctional Health Care: Practice, Administration, and Law
Editor: Fred Cohen, LL.B., LL.M.

Leading authorities provide practical guidance on the clinical, administrative, and legal issues involved in providing quality health care to correctional populations.

“An excellent overview for important issues in correctional treatment ... [in a] rapidly changing health care environment.”
—Leona D. Jochnowitz, J.D.,Ph.D., in Criminal Law Bulletin

Providing medical, dental, and mental health care to prison and jail inmates is both similar to and very different from providing care in the community. The familiar headaches of insurance reimbursement are perhaps less an issue in corrections, but budget constraints, security concerns, and a population that is in many respects less healthy, combine to make correctional health tremendously challenging for administrators and care providers. With chapters contributed by some of the leading authorities in practice today, Correctional Health Care: Practice, Administration and Law brings together an unrivalled team of experts focused on best practices and policies for the delivery of high quality care. This indispensable resource on institutional management issues and effective clinical approaches in the correctional environment:

  • Concisely surveys and explains the law as it applies to inmate medical care, and tells you how to avoid liability risks
  • Examines important policy trends put into motion by the ACA, Medicaid expansion, and the widespread adoption of electronic medical records
  • Provides strategies to limit the risk of disease transmission among inmates
  • Details a comprehensive approach to establishing and managing  correctional dental programs, psychotropic drug formularies, Quality Assurance, and jail medical services
  • Spotlights the issues raised by an aging inmate population — and provides potential solutions
  • Addresses the special concerns of chronic illness
  • Explains which administrative, programmatic, clinical and pharmaceutical approaches work best for inmates with mental disorders
  • Outlines methods for coping with nursing shortages
  • Offers strategies to contain cost while improving the quality of correctional health care services

Correctional Health Care: Practice, Administration, and Law provides an excellent overview for important issues in correctional treatment and the governmental duties under Estelle v. Gamble under the rapidly changing health care environment. These include changing demographics with more female, elderly, and juvenile inmates. This also covers the standards of care regarding new treatments for infectious diseases and chronic illnesses. It covers the coordination of medical and mental health problems, reentry to the community, recording keeping, confidentiality, and the indirect benefits of the ACA. All prison administrators and health providers will want to review these standards and the delivery of specialized mental health, dental, and gender specific care in order to improve the delivery of services and to avoid constitutional liability ... a treatise of strong thematic content regarding treatment, confidentiality and standards of inmate care.
—Leona D. Jochnowitz, J.D.,Ph.D., in Criminal Law Bulletin 

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