The Science, Treatment, and Prevention of Antisocial Behaviors
Editor: Diana H. Fishbein, Ph.D.

“Masterfully advances our understanding of antisocial behaviors.  It is an impressive and comprehensive scholarly review.  Researchers who are doing work in substance abuse disorders and people who actively work with criminal populations stand to benefit the most from reading this book.  Clinicians who are interested in understanding antisocial behavior form a neurobiological perspective will benefit greatly.

“This is a tremendously valuable book.  It summarizes a large volume of work in an area that is clinically significant.  This work will serve as a valuable resource tool for researchers, forensic consultants, and clinicians who require an advanced understanding of antisocial behaviors.”
—Timothy W. Fong, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, Los Angeles.  From a review in Psychiatric Services, A Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, June 2006

New insights into antisocial behavior, criminality, violence, substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors -- and how to prevent and treat them.

This authoritative reference—featuring chapters by nationally and internationally recognized experts—details behavioral science research with respect to antisocial, criminal, violent behavior, substance abuse, and other high risk behaviors and puts it in context for criminologists, criminal justice practitioners and policymakers, public and mental health professionals, treatment providers and prevention professionals.  This resource provides a rich source of leading-edge thinking and data on the causes and treatment of antisocial behavior, including:

  • Recent research findings from the fields of genetics, neurobiology, psychology and the social sciences on the causes of antisocial behavior, criminality, violence, substance abuse and other high-risk behaviors
  • The underlying mechanisms in antisocial conduct — and how to prevent and treat them
  • Co-occurring disorders and trauma in antisocial individuals, and implications for treatment
  • Applying behavioral scientific findings in the treatment of offender and other high-risk populations /li>
  • Assessing juvenile and adult offenders and patients with behavioral disturbances
  • The linkages between antisocial behavior and substance abuse
  • Designs for prevention strategies that focus on underlying causes

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