Offender Substance Abuse Report
Corrections • Courts • Treatment • Law
Editors: Kevin Knight, Ph.D. and David Farabee, Ph.D.

A working tool to help professionals manage and treat substance abusing offenders, promote rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

Offender Substance Abuse Report provides "best practices" guidance -- concise, authoritative reports on innovative programs that are already working to help both incarcerated offenders and those being supervised in the community.

  • New case management techniques
  • Drug court interventions
  • Targeted programs for special offender populations
  • Inmate peer counseling programs
  • Diversion programs for substance-abusing misdemeanants
  • Prevention programs working for adolescents in the juvenile justice system... and much more

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Offender Substance Abuse
Format: Report Letter
Frequency: 6x annually
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