Impaired Driving Update
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Co-Editors: Denis Foley, Ph.D., CASAC and Roslyn K. Myers, J.D., M.A.

Published quarterly in print and online for twenty-one years, Impaired Driving Update has provided professionals engaged in the fight against drunk driving with the best thinking on programs, policies, technologies and practices for treatment, prevention, enforcement and education. The report's best work since 2001 is now preserved in this online archive, accessible either on a pay-per-article basis or through an annual subscription.

Drunk driving can’t be solved by the police or the courts or counselors alone, but by professionals in all of these fields and others, working together with alcohol and substance abusers and the community. Fostering the exchange of ideas and information among all professionals working to fight this deadly epidemic, Impaired Driving Update brings together experts in criminal law and the justice system, law enforcement and traffic safety, mental health and medicine, corrections and social services—ideas and solutions from working professionals for working professionals.

The Impaired Driving Update online database provides access to a library of prevention, treatment and corrections programs that are getting results ... law enforcement tactics and strategies and their effectiveness ... technology developments and trends ... and current developments in the state and federal courts, legislatures and agencies. IDU is dedicated to presenting the best proven ideas of the country’s leading experts in all of these disciplines, in a to-the-point, readable format. At the same time, IDU’s columns serve as a forum where the different disciplines can talk to each other and find ways to join forces.

You’ll benefit from featured articles on these critical topics...

  • What’s Working and What Isn’t—Exploring in depth new and existing programs, research studies and technologies, analyzed by the country’s foremost authoritities. We identify the most effective strategies for highway safety, enforcement and prevention, probation and aftercare, and much more—from leading experts specializing in drunk
    driving law, enforcement and treatment.
  • From the Legislatures and the Courts—A comprehensive review of important criminal and civil cases and legislative developments and their implications for practicing professionals.
  • Technology Innovations—Reviewing the latest developments in detection, prevention and monitoring technology.
  • Enforcement Update—Training, tactics and strategies for police DUI/DWI units and highway safety professionals.
  • Treatment and Aftercare Review—Innovative alcohol and substance abuse programs, behavioral and non-behavioral treatment strategies, and current research.
  • Medical and Public Health Forum—From new drug treatments to emergency room screening and trauma care, a regular review of methods and policy developments.
  • Survey of Recent Literature—Important articles, studies, books and research in the field.

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