Journal of Offender Monitoring
Editor: Mike Nellis, Emeritus Professor of Criminal and Community Justice, School of Law University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

The only publication focused exclusively on monitoring technology and its use in enhancing public safety.

  • State of the art technology—from global positioning satellite surveillance to video imaging, telecommunications systems and remote testing—what's available now, what's coming online and how to evaluate and use it to handle your caseloads
  • Programs and Policies—how courts, corrections and probation agencies are using electronic monitoring to improve public safety and reduce the cost of pre-trial detention, conditional release, probation and parole, drug and DUI monitoring
  • Research reviews—quantitative studies on the effectiveness and comparative costs of monitoring technology
  • Legal developments—including private provider liability, offender lawsuits, sentencing and legislate initiatives
  • Technology and User Surveys




Journal of Offender Monitoring
Format: Journal
Frequency: 2x annually
ISSN: 1043-500x
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