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Reducing Disease Risk Behaviors After Release From Prison  

Author:  Wayne E.K.  Lehman .; Grace A.  Rowan.; George W.  Joe.; Kevin  Knight.

Source: Volume 17, Number 06, March/April 2014 , pp.81-86(6)

Offender Programs Report

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The present study extends results from WaySafe, a disease-risk reduction curriculum designed for incarcerated offenders in the last phase of substance abuse treatment shortly before release back into the community. This critical pre-release period includes special challenges in engaging and convincing offenders with a history of substance abuse problems to adequately plan and apply risk reduction principles during their crucial post-release community reentry phase. We examine the relationships between attitudes and intentions toward reducing health risk behaviors measured shortly before release from incarceration and attitudes and behaviors in the community in the first several months after reentry. These attitudes and intentions are those targeted by WaySafe.

Keywords: visual-spatial communication approach; evidence based graphic representation; group-based and participatory activities; improved knowledge, confidence, and motivation toward health risk reduction behaviors; Pre- and Post-Test Surveys; Correlations Be

Affiliations:  1: Texas Christian University Institute of Behavioral Research; 2: Texas Christian University Institute of Behavioral Research; 3: Texas Christian University Institute of Behavioral Research; 4: coeditor of OPR.

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