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Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

ISSN 1941-7462, Online ISSN: 2157-0078

Volume 03,  Number 04, Spring 2011.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Educating Bystanders Helps Prevent Sexual Violence and Reduce Backlash  
pp.293-303 (11)
Authors:  Mary M.  Moynihan, Ph.D..; Victoria L.  Banyard, Ph.D..

Motivational Interviewing in Crisis Counseling With Victims of Intimate Partner Violence  
pp.305-318 (14)
Authors:  Kimberly Brown  Campbell, Ed.S., LCPC, ATR.

Abusing Privilege: Broadening the Domestic Violence Paradigm  
pp.345-351 (7)
Authors:  Catherine  Hodes, LCSW.

Prosecuting Intimate Partner Sexual Assault  
pp.353-362 (10)
Authors:  Jennifer Gentile  Long, J.D..

Law Enforcement Training About Elder Sexual Abuse  
pp.373-379 (7)
Authors:  Loree  Cook-Daniels, M.S..

State of Fear—One Survivor’s Reflections on the Legal System  
pp.381-386 (6)
Authors:  Jody  Raphael, J.D..

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