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Municipal Finance Journal

ISSN 0199-6134, Online ISSN: 1933-9321

Volume 41,  Number 03, Fall 2020.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Making Budget Decisions in the Shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Massachusetts Case  
pp.61-73 (13)
Authors:  Aaron Smith-Walter.; Douglas Snow.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on the New York State Budget: A Preliminary Assessment  
pp.75-85 (11)
Authors:  Robert Bifulco.; Minchin Lewis.

State Budgetary Responses to COVID-19: The State of Texas  
pp.87-101 (15)
Authors:  Martin J. Luby.; John English.

Virginia Budgeting Before and During the COVID-19 Recession  
pp.103-116 (14)
Authors:  James K. Conant.

Waiting to Tax: Washington State‚Äôs Response to COVID-19  
pp.117-130 (14)
Authors:  Sharon Kioko.; Justin Marlowe.

Complete Issues: Volume 41 Numbers 2 and 3  (Published February 2021)
pp.1-130 (130)
Authors:  James Conant.; Bill Simonsen.

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