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GAO/GGD-96-28 January 1996 Money Laundering: Rapid Growth of Casinos Makes Them Vulnerable Describes vulnerability of casinos to money laundering activities
GAO/GGD-98-18 February 1998 Money Laundering: FinCEN Needs to Better Communicate Regulatory Priorities and Time Lines Reviews FinCEN’s regulatory efforts
GAO/T-GGD-98-83 4/1/1998 Money Laundering: FinCEN’s Law Enforcement Support, Regulatory, and International Roles Analysis of FinCEN’s functions and performance
GAO/GGD-98-108 June 1998 Money Laundering: FinCEN Needs to Better Manage Bank Secrecy Act Civil Penalty Cases Reviews problems of agency processing of civil penalty cases
GAO/GGD-98-117 June 1998 Money Laundering: FinCEN’s Law Enforcement Support Role is Evolving Analyzes FinCEN’s products and services in support of law enforcement
GAO 160865 July 20, 1998 International Travel of FinCEN Staff During the Period May 1994 Through April 1998 Summary of international travel data of FinCEN staff
GAO/T-OSI-00-3 11/9/1999 Private Banking: Raul Salinas, Citibank, and Alleged Money Laundering Synopsis of 1998 investigation of alleged illegalities of Raul Salinas de Gotari, brother of the former President of Mexico
GAO-01-120 October 2000 Suspicious Banking Activities: Possible Money Laundering by U.S. Corporations Formed for Russian Entities Bank accounts used to launder money through use of correspondent banking services
GAO-02-111 October 2001 Anti-Money Laundering Efforts in the Securities Industry Securities industry described as vulnerable to certain money laundering activities
GAO-02-472T 2/27/2002 Terrorism Insurance: Rising Uninsured Exposure to Attacks Heightens Potential Economic Vulnerabilities Describes how insurance companies and the marketplace reacted after 9/11
GAO-02-1021 September 2002 Combating Terrorism: Department of State Programs to Combat Terrorism Abroad Includes discussion of programs to deter terrorist financing
GAO-03-50R 10/21/2002 IRS and Terrorist-Related Information Sharing Concludes poor information sharing hinders identification of vulnerabilities and coordination of efforts

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