Money Laundering, Terrorism & Financial Institutions - USA Patriot Act Monitor
Published by Civic Research Institute,

05-09-12 FinCEN May Require New "Beneficial Owner" Disclosures from Financial Institutions
10-13-11 Piracy for Ransom Increasingly Lucrative, Ventures Sometimes Syndicated
9-24-11 Business Travelers Beware: Free Hotel Computers Providing Internet Access Can Be Hacked. 
2-14-11 Mideast Developments Get FinCEN’s Attention
1-11-11 Major Study of New Payment Methods Released by FATF
12-06-10 FinCEN Tweaks and Tightens SAR Confidentiality Requirements
9-13-10 Cuckoo Smurfing Requires Sophistication, But Is Increasing In Some Financial Systems The tactic was originally identified by Australian authorities in 2008.
7-8-10 The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010
7-1-10 FinCEN Proposes New Rules on Gift Cards and Other Prepaid Access Devices
6-9-10 Savings Bank Had Numerous MSB Customers, Yet Did Not Distinguish Customers with Heightened Risks
3-22-10 Hiring Incentives Act Contains New Witholding Requirements
3-12-10 No-action Letter for Broker-Dealers’ Having Registered Investment Advisers Perform CIP Function Adds New Requirement
2-16-10 FinCEN Expands Information Sharing Coverage to Include Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies
1-26-10 Customer Identification Program Address Requirement May Be Satisfied by State Agency Address Where Customer Is Victim of Domestic Violence
1-5-10 FinCEN Finds Banks Still Reluctant to Use Certain Exemptions or Provide Services to MSBs
10-19-09 Suspicious Activity Reports Relating to TARP Programs Described
10-5-09 Red Flag Advisories Increase SAR Reporting of Mortgage Rescue Scams
8-20-09 Some FBAR Filers Have Until June 2010 to File, and Some May Never Have to File
8-14-09 Casino Industry Remains Vulnerable to Money Laundering Schemes
6-10-09 FinCEN Proposals Would Apply CTR and Recordkeeping Rules to Mutual Funds
5-19-09 FinCEN Report Adds New Red Flags for Securities/Futures Industry Participants
5-14-09 FinCEN Proposes Revisions to MSB Definitions, Stored Value Release Expected
4-6-09 GAO Notes Technology Limitations in SAR System
12-15-08 IRS and FinCEN Release MSB Exam Manual: A Compliance Officer Must-Read
11-4-08 Junket Operators Pose Growing Risks for Casinos
10-27-08 Evaluation of Russian Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing Programs Notes Rapid Progress, but Continuing Presence of Criminals in Banking and Casino Sectors Complicates Enforcement Efforts
9-29-08 AML Guidance Describes Risk Issues Facing Real Estate Agents, Accountants, and Trust and Company Service Providers
8-27-08 Proliferation Financing Study Describes Red Flags, Role of Financial Institutions
7-29-08 Use of Internet Payment Systems by Launderers Is Focus of FATF, DOJ Reports
7-8-08 Allocation of Responsibilities Between Introducing and Clearing Brokers Permitted, But Domestic or Foreign Status of Introducing Broker Must Be Taken Into Account
6-17-08 Security System For Internet Customers Is Money Transmitter, FinCEN Rules
5-15-08 Some Foreign Exchange Activities May Not Make a Business an MSB
5-9-08 Following GAO Report, FinCEN Proposes Easing CTR Exemption Process
3-31-08 Guidance Describes How Dealers in Precious Metals, Precious Stones, and Jewels Should Evaluate Foreign Suppliers
3-5-08 Container Security Initiative Targets High Risk Cargo for Inspection at Foreign Seaports
1-30-08 Pandemic Planning: When Telecommuting Will Not Be Enough
1-14-08 SEC Registration of Securities Does Note Exclude Business From MSB Definition
12-19-07 FinCEN Posts FAQs for Casinos
11-5-07 FinCEN Describes Risks of Convenience Checks
10-11-07 FinCEN Finds Persistent Failures in SAR Filings by Many MSBs
8-17-07 Enhanced Due Diligence Rules on Correspondent Accounts for High-Risk Foreign Banks Finalized
8-09-07 FATF Mutual Evaluation of China Finds Rapid Progress, But Significant Deficiencies
7-09-07 Currency Transaction Reporting Rules Lighten Some Requirements for Casinos
6-26-07 When Law Enforcement Requests That a Suspicious Account Remain Open
5-24-07 International Lottery Scams Pose Risks for Banks as Well as Customers
5-18-07 Final AML Rules Coming for Investment Advisers, Commodity Trading Advisors, and Commodity Pool Operators
5-1-07 Homeland Security’s Data Mining Project Carries Privacy Risks
4-24-07 Executing Broker in Give-Up Does Not Have “Account” For CIP Rules
FATF Studies Growing Threat of VAT Carousel Fraud
3-16-07 Inspector General Faults FBI’s Use of National Security Letters
2-20-07 IRS Considers Form 8300 Filing Requirement for Car Dealer
2-07-07 Architecture of Cross-Border Wire Transfer System Subject of Treasury/FinCEN Report
1-08-07 Suspicious Activity Reports Revised For Joint Filings
1-03-07 Miami Bank Fined For Lack of Vigilance Regarding MSBs, Foreign Correspondent Banks
12-14-06 Bank Selling Insurance as Agent Does Not Open Account for CIP Purposes
12-13-06 Identity Theft Prevention and AML Customer ID Program Requirement Overlaps Suggest Efficiencies in Compliance, Training

FinCEN Describes Risks of Corporate Shells, Shelf Companies Make Detecting Shell Status Difficult

11-15-06 New Payment Methods Often Remain Under Government Radar
10-16-06 FinCEN Director Notes High Correlation of Terrorism-Related SARs to FBI Investigations
10-10-06 Mutual Funds May Share SAR Filing Information With Controlling Investment Advisers
9-28-06 Insurers Providing Certain Types of Terrorism Coverage May Be Downgraded by Rating Agencies, GAO Report Finds
9-26-06 FinCEN Answers FAQs on MSB Independent Reviews
9-15-06 OFAC Designations Often Respected by Foreign Institutions, Director Notes
8-16-06 Revised Manual for Bank Examiners Describes Risks of Automated Clearing House Transactions, Trade Financing
7-19-06 Mutual Evaluation Report Finds U.S. Deficient in Non-Financial Sector Efforts
7-10-06 IRS Stakeholder Liaison Staff Is Contacting MSBs Failing to Renew Registration
6-27-06 Nigeria Removed from FFIEC Exam Manual Revision Planned for Summer 2006
6-20-06 FinCEN Release Describes Due Diligence Apportionment Between Introducing Brokers and FCMs
6-14-06 FinCEN Elaborates on 30-Day Filing Requirement
6-12-06 Insurance Companies Should Use SAR-SF Until SAR-IC Is Released
6-7-06 FinCEN’S SAR By the Numbers Report Notes Increases in Securities Industry
5-22-06 FinCEN Posts Answers to Correspondent/Private Banking Account Questions Raised by the Securities Industry
5-11-06 Mutual Fund Suspicious Activity Reporting Requirements Finalized
5-09-06 Agency Lending Disclosure Initiative Does Not Make Underlying Owners Into Customers
5-01-06 Wire Transfer Monitoring Cited in Bank’s BSA Penalty
4-24-06 FinCEN Posts Magnetic Media Filing Requirements for Currency Transaction Reports and Exempt Person Designations
4-04-06 PATRIOT FinCEN Extends Applicability Date for Correspondent and Private Banking Account Due Diligence Programs
3-31-06 PATRIOT Act Extension Refines Confidentiality Rules on National Security Letters
3-27-06 SEC Approves Independent Testing Rule Changes for NASD Members
3-20-06 Fifth Special Measure Imposed Against Commercial Bank of Syria
3-17-06 FinCEN Surveys Banking Trade Groups on Wire Transfer Reporting, Looks at Australian Software
3-10-06 Obtaining Banking Services Still Difficult for MSBs
3-03-06 OFAC Describes Best Practices
2-13-06 MSB Registration Guidance Posted by FinCEN
1-26-06 Factors for Imposing FBAR Penalties Described in IRS Advisory
1-17-06 Due Diligence Rules for Correspondent and Banking Accounts Must Be Parsed by Compliance Officers
1-09-06 Oppenheimer BSA Violations Detailed in New York Stock Exchange Decision
1-04-06 Federal Safety Net Reduced by Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act
12-30-05 GAO Study Finds Insurers Prepared to Recover Critical Operations After Terrorism Attacks, But Outsourcing Arrangements Cause Concern
12-06-05 Insurance Company Suspicious Activity Reporting Rules Seek To Avoid Duplicate Filings
12-02-05 FinCEN Releases 9th SAR Activity Review
11-02-05 Comptroller Discusses Effects of Uniform Examination Procedures
10-17-05 The recently issued FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual is more detailed than prior exam manuals issued by the banking regulators separately, particularly as to issues involving electronic operations, organizational structures, and relationships with other financial institutions
9-09-05 Money Laundering Program and Records Need Not Be Kept in English; Translation Must Be Available
7-21-05 Definition of Money Services Business Refined by FinCEN Rulings
7-15-05 AML Program Rules Finalized For Dealers in Precious Metals, Stones, or Jewels, But Without SAR Requirement
6-09-05 FinCEN Issues Interim Final AML Program Rules for Dealers in Jewels, Precious Metals or Stones
5-19-05 FDIC Not Allowed to Disclose SAR Filing or Preparation
4-25-05 National Security Letters Do Not Automatically Require SAR filings
4-10-05 Information Sharing Failures Described
4-08-05 Cook Islands, Philippines Listings Lifted
4-01-05 CFTC Issues Customer ID Program Ruling
3-25-05 Other Terrorist Lists Can Be Resource
3-12-05 Regulations Expected
3-5-05 FinCEN Revises Strategic Plan for 2006-2008
2-14-05 Cook Islands, Indonesia, and the Philippines Removed from NCCT List
1-27-05 SEC Provided Emergency Order Authority Under Intelligence Act
1-24-05 Post-Employment Restrictions on Federal Bank Examiners
1-11-05 FinCEN revises MSB Registration Form
12-15-04 Unitary Filing of Suspicious Activity and Blocking Reports Allowed by Interpretive Guidance
12-09-04 Interpretive Guidance for AML Programs of MSBs
12-03-04 Foreign Financial Account Reporting Penalty Amended in Tax Act
11-16-04 OCC Issues Enforcement Guidance on Cease-and-Desist Orders for BSA Violations
10-31-04 FATF Adds Ninth Special Recommendation
10-30-04 FATF Withdraws Counter-Measures Against Myanmar and Nauru
10-14-04 AmSouth Bank Fined $10 Million for BSA Violations, Prosecutions Deferred
9-9-04 ATM Regulation May Come From FinCEN Analysis
9-8-04 Anticipation Loan Fraud Often Overlooked by Financial Institutions in Filing SARs
7-29-04 Customer Identification Program Exam Procedures Described by Bank Regulators
7-26-04 SEC Finds No Evidence of Trading Patterns Indicating Advance Knowledge of 9/11
7-21-04 Report Slams Riggs Bank on AML Implementation, Federal Regulators on Enforcement
7-6-04 Fifth Annual Review of Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories Released by FATF, Guatemala Dropped From List
7-6-04 Phishing Hits OCC
7-6-04 FinCEN Reinstates Information Sharing with Mexico
6-18-04 Banking Supervisors Encourage (Rather Tepidly) Services to Embassies, Foreign Political Figures
6-15-04 Phishing Schemes Nearly Doubling Every Month
5-25-04 FATF Renews Mandate for Eight Years
5-18-04 Can Terrorism Risk Insurance Exist Without Government Support?
5-14-04 Two Syrian Banks Designated Of Primary Money Laundering Concern
4-30-04 FinCEN Director Describes Coming Releases, Development
4-29-04 Foreign Exchanger With U.S. Bank Account Not Required To Register as MSB
4-10-04 Compliance Checklists on CRI Website Updated
4-10-04 FinCEN Proposes Two Currency Transportation Forms
4-6-04 FSA Fines Branch of Austrian Bank
4-5-04 FinCEN Withdraws Advisories on Egypt, Ukraine
3-30-04 USA PATRIOT Act Monitor Discusses FATF Typologies Report
3-18-04 No-Action Letter Opens Door For Broker-Dealers to Rely on Investment Advisers for Customer Identification Requirements
3-4-04 Texas District Court Protects Bank's SAR-Related Records
3-2-04 Financial Action Task Force Releases 2003-2004 Typologies Report
2-27-04 Ukraine and Egypt off FATF's NCCT List
2-10-04 FinCEN Warns of Anti-Terrorist Certificate Scam
1-14-04 Bank Contact Information Procedure Updated
1-9-04 Customer Identification Program FAQs Provided by Agencies
12-15-03 Broker-Dealer Fined by FinCEN
12-15-03 Travel Rule to Expire July 2004
11-26-03 SAR Requirements Finalized for FCMs
11-25-03 FinCEN Analyzes SAR Filings
11-05-03 FATF Calls for New Measures to Myanmar
10-29-03 GAO Reviews ML Strategy
10-23-03 New Examination Procedures for Supervisors
10-21-03 SAR Statistics
10-16-03 Terrorist Support Organization Designated
10-6-03 FATF elaborates on asset freezing, Myanmar
9-26-03 FinCEN updates FOIA and privacy policies
9-19-03 CIP Rules Unchanged After Survey
8-12-03 FinCEN Draft of Strategic Plan
7-30-03 9-11 Report
7-24-03 MSB Survey
7-12-03 Final Terrorism Risk Insurance Rules
6-27-03 Bank Assessed $1.1 Million
6-23-03 OFAC Designation Upheld
6-22-03 New FATF 40 Recommendations
6-19-03 FATF To Revise 40 Recomendations
6-9-03 New OFAC Sanctions Rules
5-30-03 Fed to revise Regulation K
5-27-03 Iraqi Sanctions Modified
5-2-03 Bank CIP final rule
5-1-03 IA and CTA AML programs
4-29-03 Granada, Dominica
4-23-03 ABN AMRO fined
4-16-03 Ukraine off list
4-10-03 Real Estate Closers
4-10-03 Sound Practices
4-5-03 OFAC penalties list
3-26-03 FATF fraud
3-25-03 SARs for casinos
3-24-03 FinCEN refines info request technology
3-11-03 Sloan testimony, forthcoming regs
3-7-03 Travel rule in Federal Register
3-5-03 Travel rule
3-3-03 Suspicious Activity Review #5
2-26-03 OFAC penalty notification
2-25-03 Basel Committee
2-13-03 Information requests specific date
2-13-03 Currency dealers exchangers
2-7-03 Cali Cartel business structure
2-7-03 FinCEN info requests reinstated
2-4-03 Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection
2-3-03 FinCEN 2004 budget
1-31-03 Aggregation example
1-27-03 Magnetic media filing
1-18-03 Banco Popular
1-17-03 OCC booklet update
1-17-03 Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative
1-15-03 Mutual Fund SARS
1-9-03 Check cashers, money transmitters
12-25-02 Correspondent date extension
12-24-02 Ukraine Nauru primary ML concern
12-18-02 Terrorism risk interim guidance
12-17-02 December Monitor
12-17-02 OCC Advisory
12-11-02 Guidance on Terrorism Insurance
12-11-02 Joint Congressional Comm on Terrorism
12-5-02 Treasury terrorism interim guidance
12-3-02 Deposit policy
12-3-02 "Frequently" Defined
11-28-02 Joint Agency Notice