Abuse and Neglect of Vulnerable Adult Populations
Editor: Joanne Marlatt Otto, M.S.W.

This authoritative guide from the editor of Victimization of the Elderly and Disabled distills the best thinking of leading experts on public policy, victim advocacy, law enforcement, civil and criminal law and legal strategies, and long-term care programming, all in a convenient single-volume guide that puts a wealth of information within easy reach.

  • Discover how leading APS programs around the country are successfully working to improve interventions and outcomes
  • Strategies for family and adult protective services, legal assistance, counseling, and law enforcement
  • Effective approaches for recognizing, preventing, and prosecuting financial exploitation
  • Guardianship and substituted decision-making issues and developments
  • “Best practices” for staff training, benchmarking, and interagency coordination

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Format: Hardcover Book
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