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Journal of Taxation of Investments
Format: Journal
Frequency: 4x annually
ISSN: 0747-9115
E-ISSN: 1933-933X
US $259 Print and Online—Indiv.

US $ 699 Print and Online—Library/Inst.

Product Code: JTI

Journal of Taxation of Investments
Editor: Erik M. Jensen, J.D. 

Discover the tax advantages—and pitfalls—of today’s most sophisticated investment opportunities ...

The nature of investment is changing rapidly, especially in this period of financial crisis. The institutions offering investments are no longer segmented along the traditional lines of securities, insurance and banking and the investment products they offer can be altered by investors through the use of derivatives and other financial engineering techniques. The tax treatment of a transaction can affect the amount of income or gain it produces—and can determine whether certain taxpayers should use it at all. And major changes to the law and regulation of investments can be expected. 

Whether you advise corporate, institutional or individual investors, Journal of Taxation of Investments helps you evaluate investments for their tax “health,” choose the best products and structures for your clients, and limit the tax impact on investment portfolios.  JTI brings together today’s leading authorities to survey the full range of investments including:

  • Equity and Debt Securities
  • Real Estate, REITs and REMICs
  • Derivatives
  • Domestic and Global Markets
  • Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds
  • Equity Swaps and more...a
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