Women and Girls in the Criminal Justice System
Policy Issues and Practice Strategies
Editor: Russ Immarigeon, M.S.W.

“Those who are interested in gender-related criminal justice issues will immediately recognize what a treasure this compilation is ... “
—From a review by Myrna Raeder in the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Magazine.
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Discover what professionals around the country are doing to improve interventions—and outcomes—for female offenders … 

For many years, sentenced women were ignored or neglected, locked up in male surroundings, or lost among caseloads of men. Today, however, there are systemic approaches and interventions designed especially to meet the needs of this population. Women and Girls in the Criminal Justice System provides essential practice guidance for professionals who deal with the problems of female offenders—criminal justice policymakers … correctional administrators … probation and parole officials … ATI program administrators … vocational program agency heads … social workers … mental health clinicians … judges.

This authoritative guide from the editor of Women, Girls & Criminal Justice distills the best thinking of leading practitioners and researchers—all in a convenient single resource that puts a wealth of information within easy reach.

  • Gender-specific classification and risk assessment tools
  • Alternatives to incarceration
  • Effective programs for incarcerated mothers--and their children
  • Juvenile justice approaches and programs that work best with girls
  • Drug treatment issues for women offenders
  • Health and mental health care concerns
  • Ideas for re-entry and aftercare

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