School Safety Management
Practical Approaches, Current Theories, and Standards
Authors: Richard L. Glover, CSWM, MSSW and Henry R. Murphy, CPP

Get all the tools you need to create and maintain an effective safety program.

Schools today face an alarming array of security challenges — everything from protection against intruders to freedom from weapons, quick response to fire and bomb threats, and prevention of physical assaults on students and staff.

But a safety program is tough to set up and maintain. Administrators, educators and school resource officers all need to establish the right program components, priorities and guidelines.

School Safety Management was developed in response to these needs. Written by the founders of the first accredited School Safety Training Academy in the U.S., it provides plain-English guidance on how to:

  • Make schools safer and comply with new mandates — without increased resources.
  • Get "buy-in" for your plan. You’ll get guidance and forms to encourage participation from educators, administrators, school staff, police, parents and students. Plus, direction on how to report incidents so you keep community and media support on your side.
  • Address ongoing security issues — see what steps should be taken to get weapons, gangs, bullies, sexual harassment and assault under control.
  • Prepare for emergency situations — including terrorism response.
  • Make your building more secure with our five-point security control program. Avoid the legal problems that have tripped up other school districts — with special attention paid to search and seizure rules.

School Safety Management — written by two of the industry’s top experts — is the only publication available with these field-tested, readily usable tools.

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