Advances in School-Based Mental Health Interventions
Best Practices and Program Models
Volume I—Editor: Kristin E. Robinson, Ph.D.
Volume II—Editors: Steven W. Evans, Ph.D., Mark D. Weist, Ph.D. and Zewelanji N. Serpell, Ph.D.

“This book will pave the way for improving the effectiveness of mental health programming and the way it is delivered to children.”
   —Joy G. Dryfoos, Researcher and Author, Full-Service Community Schools

Leading experts in the field bring you the latest research, practical programming ideas and intervention strategies...

  • Key components in successful school-based service delivery
  • Evidence-based clinical services
  • Funding sources and strategies
  • How to build effective, collaborative interagency relationships
  • Solutions to the barriers of misunderstanding and stigma
  • Effective family interventions

… and show you how “real world” programs are successfully being implemented in a broad variety of service delivery systems

"This volume is a treasure, and has set the standard for the foreseeable future. But don't just read it ... let's do it!" 
—Peter S. Jensen, MD, Director of the REACH Institute

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Table of Contents Vol. I (PDF)
Table of Contents Vol. II (PDF)
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Vol. 1
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Format: Hardcover Book
Vol. 2
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