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Photocopying and Reproduction
Reproduction of CRI publications is prohibited without express written permission. You may not photocopy or otherwise reproduce our report letters, journals, or book chapters unless you first obtain permission through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). CCC offers prompt, professional handling of permission requests to copy, reprint, distribute or adapt material appearing in CRI publications.

Please visit to submit and process your request to reuse Civic Research Institute material. Enter the name of the publication you wish to copy from, then follow the simple instructions. You may also fax your request to 1-978-646-8700 or contact CCC with your permission request via email at If you have any questions or concerns about this process you can reach a customer relations representative at 1-978-646-2600 from the hours of 8:00 - 5:30 eastern time.

Reprinting and Republication
Publishers wishing to reprint CRI copyrighted articles may submit requests through the Copyright Clearance Center Pay-per-use Permissions Service (CCC). Visit to submit and process your request.

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