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Rape Myths in the Residence Halls: An Intervention  

Author:  Dr. Elena  Klaw.; Beth Lee.; Britany R.  Alarid.; Daniel  Miao.; Serena Del Mundo Angela Hickenbottom.

Source: Volume 04, Number 03, Winter 2012 , pp.199-207(9)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Given the shocking prevalence of sexual victimization on campuses throughout the U.S., many colleges and universities have developed and are implementing interventions aimed to curtail its occurrence. In this article, the authors describe an intervention program designed to measure adherence to common myths and misconceptions about rape among college students. Results on one college campus revealed a surprisingly low level of belief in such myths. These findings were especially surprising given that the same campus showed no corresponding decrease in the occurrence of rape in comparison with other campuses. The authors discuss the implications for designing more effective interventions for deterring sexually aggressive behavior on college campuses.

Keywords:  SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere); Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (RMA)

Affiliations:  1: San Jose State University.

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