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A Criminological Perspective: Redefining “Battered Women” For Use In Legal Proceedings  

Author:  Lee H.  Bowker, Ph.D..

Source: Volume 02, Number 02, December/January 1997 , pp.17-18(2)

Domestic Violence Report

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So many of the professionals who could assist battered women, the author of this article states, have limited effectiveness because of their limited understanding of the nature and effects of battering. He offers a criminologist’s view of the various forms abuse takes, and provides, from his book, a lens--- the Battered Woman Syndrome Index--- through which this issue can be viewed.

Keywords: Lee H. Bowker, “Ending the Violence: A Guidebook Based on the Experience of 1,000 Battered Wives”

Affiliations:  1: Humboldt State University.

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