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Inmate Health Care Grievances: Learning, Improving, Reducing  

Author:  Vickie  Bybee.

Source: Volume 01, Number 06, September/October 2000 , pp.83-84(2)

Correctional Health Care Report

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In the correctional setting, inmate grievances are a fact of life, and are often an administrative headache. For many inmates, grievances represent legitimate concerns, while some use grievances as a way to pass time, or in an effort to receive special treatment. However, despite the frivolous nature of some grievances, inmate grievances must be taken seriously, especially when involving health issues. Through careful tracking and analysis, medical grievances can be used to improve the quality and delivery of inmate health care services. Such close examination also helps health care staff identify potential health-related issues early and work to improve the situation.

Keywords: medical, dental, mental health, informal complaints, procedure set, staff involvement

Affiliations:  1: Correctional Medical Services.

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