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Substance Abuse Awareness Program  

Author:  David  Gillert.; Susan J.  Dean.

Source: Volume 10, Number 04, May/June 2009 , pp.49-51(3)

Correctional Health Care Report

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It is well recognized that abuse of drugs and alcohol is often at the root of criminal activity, affecting the safety and quality of life of citizens everywhere. It is also widely accepted that 80% or more of all offenders are substance abusers. Recovery from addiction or endless incarceration—the choice seems simple. However, the addicted offender continues on the vicious cycle of substance abuse, crime, and incarceration. Stopping the cycle is the goal of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office’s Substance Abuse Awareness Program (SAAP).

Keywords: Drug Farm, Drug Court, Treatment Release, Intervention, Education

Affiliations:  1: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; 2: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

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