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Electronic Medical Records: Moving Jails Forward  

Author:  Darrelle  Knight.

Source: Volume 10, Number 04, May/June 2009 , pp.49-54(6)

Correctional Health Care Report

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It is obvious that we live in the Age of Technology. Nevertheless, technology for health information has evolved slowly over the past three decades, compared to systems for other industries. The importance of concise, assessable medical records continues to be a goal for the health care industry, in theory best accomplished through the use of an electronic medical records (EMRs) system. Overall, the authors of the study found that EMRs could save money by reducing redundant care, speeding patient treatment, improving safety, and keeping patients healthier (RAND, 2005). In a separate study by RAND published in the same issue, authors stated that incentives from federal offi cials could encourage medical providers to adopt more advanced drug prescription systems (RAND, 2005).

Keywords: Improvement for Patients and Providers Act, Medicare Modernization Act, handwriting, Wu, Pantaleo, AHRQ

Affiliations:  1: Naph-Care, Inc.

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