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Municipal Finance Journal

ISSN 0199-6134, Online ISSN: 1933-9321

Volume 23,  Number 02, Summer 2002.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Lessons from Research on Municipal Bond Issuance  
pp.1-13 (13)
Authors:  Mark D. Robbins.

The Future of Public Finance  
pp.14-35 (22)
Authors:  Keith D. Curry.; F. John White.; Terry Atkinson.; Frederic Weber.; Tom McLoughlin.

Disclosure: NAIPFA 2001 Conference Roundtable Discussion  
pp.36-46 (11)
Authors:  Steve Larson.; Thomas DeMars.; Robert Doty.

An Approach to Bond Pricing  
pp.47-49 (3)
Authors:  Mark D. Robbins.

Issues of Interest Involving IRS and SEC  
pp.50-84 (35)
Authors:  Steve Larson.

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