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Municipal Finance Journal

ISSN 0199-6134, Online ISSN: 1933-9321

Volume 26,  Number 04, Winter 2006.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Let’s Root for the Home Team: Finding the Right Mix of Public and Private Sports Financing  
pp.27-45 (19)
Authors:  Mary Francoeur.; Mitchell Zeits.; Oliver Luck.; Frank Hawkins.

Tax and Disclosure Issues Affecting the Municipal Market  
pp.47-63 (17)
Authors:  Mark Scott.; Foster Clark.; Martha Haines.; Gerry Lian.; Laura Slaughter.

The Changing Competitive Landscape for Bond Insurance  
pp.65-79 (15)
Authors:  Richard Smith.; Frank Bivona.; Michael Schozer.; Terry Trim.

Washington Tax Update  
pp.81-87 (7)
Authors:  Linda B. Schakel.

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