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Municipal Finance Journal

ISSN 0199-6134, Online ISSN: 1933-9321

Volume 42,  Number 01, Spring 2021.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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The City of Atlanta’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic  
pp.5-22 (18)
Authors:  Brian Eason.; Alex Hathaway.; Laura Wheeler.

The Great Lockdown’s Impact on the City of Charlotte’s Budget  
pp.23-42 (20)
Authors:  Whitney Afonso.; Monica Allen.; Richard Carey.

The Pandemic and New York City Finances: Emerging Challenges and Short-Term Responses  
pp.43-61 (19)
Authors:  Wooserk Park.; Rahul Pathak.

The Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on the City of Phoenix’s Budget and Creditworthiness  
pp.63-81 (19)
Authors:  Akheil Singla.; Siân Mughan.; Anthony Howell.

Complete Issue: The Impact of COVID-19 on Big Cities’ Budgets  Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Phoenix
pp.1-81 (81)
Authors:  Min Su.

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