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Money Laundering, Terrorism and Financial Institutions
Format: Looseleaf Book
© 2006
ISBN: 1-887554-28-9
Price: US $619.95
Product Code: MLF

Money Laundering, Terrorism and Financial Institutions
Law • Regulation • Compliance • USA PATRIOT Act Monitor
Editors: Raymond Banoun, J.D. and John Ensminger, J.D., LL.M.

Money Laundering, Terrorism, and Financial Institutions is the only authoritative guide devoted exclusively to the law, regulations, and compliance procedures now required of financial institutions under anti-terror legislation.

Federal law now mandates a 4-point due diligence program. Turn to Money Laundering, Terrorism, and Financial Institutions (MLF) for authoritative step-by-step help with compliance.
  1. Are your internal policies, procedures and controls spelled out (in detail) so they can detect and prevent money laundering … and comply with all the new sections of the Bank Secrecy Act? MLF guides you in developing fully compliant internal policies and procedures so that your institution can detect money laundering where it’s likely to occur, and respond quickly.
  2. Has a compliance officer been designated—someone independent of any profit center—who reports to senior management and the board of directors? MLF is the compliance officer’s “bible” for implementing required anti-money laundering programs and reporting to federal and state agencies enforcing anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism efforts.
  3. Is your employee training program in full swing? Does it cover all the relevant legal requirements for monitoring client relationships … maintaining records … and identifying suspicious transactions? Remember, this training must be ongoing and comprehensive. With sample forms as well as detailed checklists, MLF provides substantial assistance in training employees to recognize the red flags of money laundering and terrorist activities.
  4. Do you have an independent audit function in place to review and test the implementation of this due diligence program? MLF shows how to establish and conduct audits of the anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism policies and procedures financial institutions must implement—and keeps you on top of the considerable flow of new regulatory pronouncements that will affect both implementation and audits of anti-money laundering programs.

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