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Bullying, Teen Aggression & Social Media

  • Coerced Sexting and Revenge Porn Among Teens
  • Practice Issues and Legal Concerns in Risky Teen Behaviors and Bullying Policy
  • Expeditionary Models for At-Risk Youth Are Not Just a “Walk in the Woods”
  • Restorative Practices Outcomes: One of the Few Areas of Agreement
  • AFT’s “See a Bully, Stop a Bully” Campaign Encourages Bystanders to Speak Up
  • Multi-tier Approaches to School Climate Using "Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports" and Talking Circles
  • Study Shows Youth Are Less Aggressive With Restorative Practices
  • Coerced Sexting and Revenge Porn Among Tens, Part II
  • California Restricts the Authority of School Officials to Expel or Suspend Students for Certain Behaviors
  • California Restricts the Authority of School Officials to Expel or Suspend Students for Certain Behaviors
  • Free Suicide Prevention App Debuts
  • “Boys Will Be Boys” No Longer: New Attitudes About the Problem of Bullying
  • Serious as the Grave: Risk Factors for Bullycide
  • Policy or Practice? Legal Requirements for Schools and Youth Facilities to Address Teen Aggression
  • No Longer on the Sidelines: Gender Distribution in Bullying Incidents
  • Are We There Yet? 20-Years of Study of Teen Aggression and Social Dynamics
  • When Bullying Leads to School Shootings: What Can We Learn From Past Tragedies
  • Sexting, Harassment, and Teen Suicide
  • Girls Who Fought Back: Recent Cases of Sexual Cyber-Harassment Suggest a New Trend in Female Victimization
  • Steubenville: When High School Bullying Incidents Become Criminal Acts
  • Columbine All Over Again: Can Teen Violence and School Shootings Be Predicted?
  • Eleven Core Components of State Laws on Bullying
  • Bullying or Free Speech? The Limits of the First Amendment on Schoolgrounds
  • Do Video Games Foster Teen Bullying?
  • Theoretical Underpinnings of Bullying and Teen Violence
  • Restorative Practices: Teaching Teens Prosocial Relations
  • Risk Factors for Bullying Victimization
  • Teen Violence in the Modern Educational Environment
  • Mean Girls and Technology: Female Teen Harassment and the 24-hour Cycle
  • A Moving Target: Evolving Definitions of Bullying and Cyberbullying
  • Cycles of Aggression: When the Bullied Become Bulliers
  • Olweus’s Whole School Approach to Bullying
  • Can Empathy Be Taught?
  • Does Drug Use Contribute to Bully Victimization?
  • When Prevention Fails: What to Do if a Student Is Armed and Dangerous on Campus?




Bullying, Teen Aggression &
Social Media
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