Sexual Assault Report
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Editor: Stephanie Frogge, MTS
Founding Editor: Joan Zorza, Esq.

“No other publication provides current information on sexual assault from such a wide range of perspectives, including new legislation, recent court decisions, and relevant research. It helps me to stay on top of emerging issues and trends in the field.”
Roger Canaff, former sex crimes prosecutor and President, End Violence Against Women International

The leading resource for those protecting, assisting, counseling, and treating the victims of sexual assault... and for enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, and corrections professionals.

Sexual Assault Report brings together ideas from experts in criminal and civil law, nursing and emergency medicine, law, nursing and emergency medicine, law enforcement, counseling and social services. Each issue examines health and forensic research programs and initiatives around the world, survivor support programs and therapies, innovative criminal and civil remedies, medical findings, therapeutic innovations, and more.

Sexual Assault Report keeps you current on...

  • Medical and psychological research innovations
  • Successful programs for treatment, counseling and protecting victim, survivors, and families
  • Legal developments and strategies
  • Legislative, regulatory and policy changes and trends
  • Trends in evidence gathering, prosecuting and enforcement

“I wanted to tell you how much I respect Sexual Assault Report. I subscribed to it when I was at the Utah department of health and then when I took the ED job at Rape Recovery I subscribed again. It is one of the best periodicals on sexual assault available.”
Jamie Roberts, Executive Director, Rape Recovery

“I can count on the Sexual Assault Report to keep me updated with the latest issues and research. This saves me time, especially since the information cuts across a variety of professional disciplines.”
Diana Faugno RN, MSN, CPN, FAAFS, SANE-A, SANE-P, Forensic Nurse Consultant

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Sexual Assault Report
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