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Comparing Female Sex Offender Characteristics Using the Sexual Adjustment Inventory  

Author:  Lisa  Degiorgio, Ph.D..; Herman  Lindeman, Ph.D..

Source: Volume 22, Number 04, Summer 2013 , pp.7-12(6)

Journal of Community Justice (formerly Journal of Community Corrections)

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Identification of FSO characteristics has largely been through meta-analysis or studies with small sample sizes. The small number of FSOs has limited the ability to develop a comprehensive psychological profile (Elliot et al., 2010). The present study was undertaken in an effort to add to the knowledge about FSOs and to explore levels of emotional distress and sexual adjustment in FSOs as compared to MSOs using the Sexual Adjustment Inventory (SAI). The guiding hypothesis for this study is that an FSO will be older than an MSO at the time of first arrest and will have higher levels of distress and more severe problems with sexual adjustment than an MSO as measured by the SAI. In addition, studying the characteristics of FSOs who demonstrate severe problems, as measured by the SAI, will add to the emerging profile of FSOs.

Keywords: dynamic and static factors; emotional distress and sexual adjustment problems

Affiliations:  1: Thomas University ; 2: Behavior Data Systems, Ltd..

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