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Managing Change in Support of Correctional Programs  

Author:  Paul  Crookall.; Ole  Ingstrup .

Source: Volume 13, Number 04, Summer 2004 , pp.11-19(9)

Journal of Community Justice (formerly Journal of Community Corrections)

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It was a glum crew indeed that gathered around the parole headquarter’s conference table. The latest research showed their parolee success rate unchanged from two years earlier—when they had launched with some fanfare a new cognitive skills program intended to reduce recidivism. What had gone wrong? The agency head had called together the key players to find out. As they eyed each other warily, seeking whom to blame, the boss introduced a skilled consultant, one who had worked with other teams to help them move from policy to practice, from good intentions to good results.


Affiliations:  1: Canadian Government Executive Magazine; 2: International Corrections and Prisons Association.

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