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Author:  Donald G. Evans.

Source: Volume 29, Number 01, Fall 2019 , pp.1-32(32)

Journal of Community Justice (formerly Journal of Community Corrections)

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The complete issue contains all of the articles listed in the contents above. The lead article introduces the new president of ICCA and a discussion of some of the challenges facing community corrections and ICCA. Next, a brief research note discusses the impacts of recent legislative changes related to sex offending in Canada. A third article describes the introduction of the First Step Act and looks at the progress made to date in its implementation. The fourth article reports on a recent European conference on electronic monitoring, which raises issues for practitioners who are introducing or expanding their use of this technology. ICCA’s Policy Position on Restorative Justice is next and is followed by a useful note on practicing empathy. The issue closes with the Worth Reading column, in which 7 recently released books are reviewed by JCC’s book review editor, Russ Immarigeon.

Keywords: Forum on Criminal Justice; Steve Woolworth, ICCA’s 30th President; Defining Sex Offenses; First Step Act; Confederation of European Probation; Restorative Justice; Empathy in Corrections

Affiliations:  1: Journal Editor.

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