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Striving for Equivalence of Care in Ontario‚Äôs Correctional Healthcare  

Author:  Aileen Simon.; Safiyah Husein.; Sunny Dhillon.; Reza Ahmadi.

Source: Volume 29, Number 03, Spring 2020 , pp.9-16(8)

Journal of Community Justice (formerly Journal of Community Corrections)

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The principle of equivalence has long been defined and debated as a theoretical standard in correctional health care, yet the means by which it can be implemented have rarely been articulated. Through the examination of experiences of similar regions that have worked to embed the principle and its ideals into correctional healthcare policy, the authors identify four factors that provide a framework for implementation: a robust legislative healthcare framework, a transfer of healthcare governance to the relevant health ministry, the promotion of clinical independence, and an increase in resource investment. In considering these factors, the authors demonstrate that Ontario lags behind British Columbia with respect to correctional healthcare and the implementation of the principle of equivalence. The authors also provide insight as to where Ontario can benefit from the lessons learned in British Columbia and other jurisdictions.

Keywords: Equivalence of care; correctional healthcare; governance of care; clinical independence; Ontario

Affiliations:  1: John Howard Society of Ontario Centre for Research & Policy (JHS); 2: JHS; 3: JHS; 4: JHS.

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