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Admissibility of Testimony Based on Actuarial Scales in Sex Offender Commitments: A Reply to Doren  

Author:  Randy K. Otto.; John Petrila.

Source: Volume 03, Number 01, December/January 2002 , pp.1-4(4)

Sex Offender Law Report

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In an article published last year in this newsletter, Dr. Dennis Doren addressed the issue of admissibility of expert testimony in sex offender commitment proceedings that is based on actuarial instruments under relevant rules of evidence and legal tests. (Dennis Doren, “Evidentiary Issues, Actuarial Scales, and Sex Offender Civil Commitments,” 1 (5) SLR 65 (Aug./Sept. 2000).) Doren responds to five arguments offered against the admissibility of such testimony.


Affiliations:  1: University of South Florida; 2: University of South Florida.

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