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Son of Sam Laws  

Author:  Roslyn Myers, J.D..; Jaime  Doninger.

Source: Volume 06, Number 04, June/July 2005 , pp.51-52(2)

Sex Offender Law Report

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The obsession in today’s tell-all culture with crimes and crime victims has led many victims and offenders to share their stories in public forums that are decidedly not courtrooms, such as popular daytime television programs, documentaries, magazines, and books. The effect of such exposure can be healing, or it can be retraumatizing. The overall effect of the widespread use of such “reality” programs might serve to trivialize the types of events they are intended to memorialize and elevate. Victims have a limited number of years from the date the escrow account is established to file a civil suit against the offender for such expenses as victim restitution orders, court costs, defense attorney fees, costs of incarceration, and other expenses.


Affiliations:  ; 2: Fordham Law School.

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