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HIV Status and Related Legislation, Part III  

Author:  Roslyn Myers, J.D..

Source: Volume 06, Number 06, October/November 2005 , pp.88-91(4)

Sex Offender Law Report

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Editor’s Note: The AIDS virus has become part of American culture in the same way that cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other deadly diseases have joined the list of ailments we fear and periodically get tested for. But AIDS is not like other diseases. Many associate AIDS strictly with the gay or drugusing population, but the correlation is not analogous to, for example, the coincidence of breast cancer and the female population, for many reasons. AIDS is communicable, unlike cancer, and it is communicable only by the intimate exchange of body fluids. Furthermore, AIDS is not a disease that is exclusive to one gender or even to adults. Between mother and child at birth, it is certain to spread. Also, unlike diabetes and heart disease, it is not affected by diet, exercise, and other long-term lifestyle adjustments. Because the virus usually spreads through intimate contact of some kind, the chronicle of AIDS transmission is, in part, a chronicle of deception.


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